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More Coffee, Less Labor

Discover the power of automated coffee service.

Americans drink more than 400 million cups of coffee per day. When you break that down, the average American consumes more than three cups per day. These are statistics that point to the obvious popularity of coffee, and with that popularity comes the potential for profit.


We're also living through a period where labor in the foodservice industry is hard to come by. Whether it's in a hotel lobby or on a college campus, hiring a barista isn't as easy as it used to be. That's why we believe in the future of automation, specifically in super-automated coffee machines that put the power in the hands of consumers. Quite literally.

Our Coffee Brands

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Make Your Selection

Super Automatic Commercial Espresso Machines are a fast way to satisfy guests while enhancing profitability. By automating coffee creation, Concordia provides bean-to-cup capabilities without the need for additional staff, adding reliability and self-selection to the coffee equation.

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Synesso S-Series
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Classic Precision 

For coffee shops and foodservice operations looking for a classic coffee experience, nothing beats the durability and reliability of a Synesso Espresso Machine. The Synesso range includes units for different types of operations, all with unique engineering, a focus on design, and the ability to provide long-term value for business owners.

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Our Coffee Blogs

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Pull The Best Espresso Drinks with Concordia & Synesso

Having a business that isn’t a coffee shop doesn’t mean that you can’t serve popular coffee drinks. Today cafes, bars, and even libraries are selling coffee to help increase profit margins and improve customer satisfaction.


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Why Synesso May Be The Perfect Fit In Your Philly Coffee Shop

Designed to help provide service with a smile, the S-Series allows baristas to continue the conversation while crafting drinks.


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Let's Explore The Latest Coffee Trends

Because of the growing trends in specialty coffee, drinkers everywhere are becoming more aware of their coffee and where it comes from. The need to know where and how it was roasted is also trending among coffee drinkers.