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Air Purification Can Unlock Higher Restaurant Capacity Rates

Air Purification Can Unlock Higher Restaurant Capacity Rates

In many parts of the greater Philadelphia area, restaurants are allowed to operate at 50 percent capacity with proper HVAC equipment. We also know developing a safe dining environment is critical for creating consumer confidence. Whether it's state regulations or consumer preference, though, cleaning the air will ultimately lead to higher occupancy rates and increased sales.

Why is it important to clean the air? By now, the answer to this questions is pretty obvious, but let's review. According to the Center for Disease Control, COVID-19 spreads in three main ways. It can spread through surface contamination via touching and/or droplet contact. People can directly inhale large droplets, or it can spread from inhalation of infectious airborne aerosols.

Wiping down surfaces is important, but so is purifying the air. One can be achieved with a rag and some cleaning solution. The other can be expensive and complex. But it doesn't have to be.

Introducing Bluezone from Middleby


There are essentially three different ways an airborne virus can be scrubbed from the air inside your restaurant.

The first is containment. Using HEPA filters or HVAC systems, the virus is captured with a range of filtration options that can be very expensive or even pose as a biohazard due to the handling of required materials. The second method is by inserting ionizers, chemicals, gases, or ozone. This attaches aerosol droplets that fall to surfaces, which must then be wiped at regular intervals because contaminants might still be active.

The third options is through a patented ultraviolet technology, which is what's used in the new Bluezone Viral Kill Units from Middleby. Instead of expensive HVAC modifications, restaurant operators simply install a box that has been proved in testing to kill 99.9995% of all viruses, including the coronavirus.

The patented UV technology works by employing 254 nanometer wavelengths that work at a genetic level to impact the virus's RNA and destroy its ability to reproduce. 

Use Bluezone for Food Preservation

The Bluezone Viral Kill Units aren't the only ways to capitalize on this patented UV technology. By tuning units with an additional, 185 nanometer wavelength and lower flow rates, Bluezone units can be turned into Food Preservation Units. They can help increase shelf life -- particularly of produce -- that leads to extended shelf lives and drastically-reduced food waste.

There are many uses for Bluezone including ridding your restaurant's air of the coronavirus. Units are currently in pre-production, so reserve yours today by filling out this form as soon as possible.