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Getting Takeout Food Just Got Easier (and Safer!)

Carter Hoffman PUC (1)

As we face changes with technology, combat a pandemic, and constantly progress when it comes to convenience, takeout is only getting easier. Post Covid-19, and with a bright hello to the next step in foodservice transparency, the Carter-Hoffmann Pick Up Cabinet (PUC) truly provides a safer and easier takeout method for supplying hungry guests with great service. Not only are you able to safely re-open your foodservice operation, but you can also do so by implementing more efficient serving methods.


carter hoffman  PUC 1Similar to Amazon or post office lockers, the Carter-Hoffmann Pick Up Cabinet provides a contactless solution for consumers. Utilizing technology to provide a pin number or code, customers can pick up their orders without having to interact with employees or other guests. This provides a safer transaction for those that may be at high risk when it comes to things like the pandemic, or for people that simply have a more introverted personality. 

Offering options for heated variations, food can be better preserved at a higher quality and served happily to consumers. Through mobile ordering, PUC sends out a notification when an order is ready to be picked up, further relying on that sense of no contact. The system allows a truly clean and safe transaction to happen between employees and consumers while cutting back on labor costs. Without the need for face to face interactions so much, everyone is protected and serving becomes more cost-efficient as well as easier to manage.




A few of the many benefits for both consumers and employees are as follows:

  • Individual sections allow for orders to be separated, providing a more compact and safe method of organization for each patron's order. 
  • The individual sections also allow for contactless pickup, making it easy to ensure everyone's safety. 
  • PUC's contactless pick up shows the transparency everyone's looking for regarding orders being securely fulfilled, meaning consumers will have trust in your service and be more likely to return.
  • In addition to orders being separated by individual sections, each unit provides plenty of space for both large and small orders as well as variations of packaging. This is great for ensuring you can safely serve all of your consumers and removing their cautions or fears about ordering out.

While there is a surplus of benefits, such as cutting back on service time, the ultimate benefit is turning your patrons back into regulars as things reopen and we all adjust to new restrictions and regulations. 

carter hoffman  PUC2The Carter-Hoffmann Pick Up Cabinet is a genius solution during difficult times. It makes transitioning into serving more takeout food almost too easy. Combined with the fact that it makes it so safe, your foodservice operation has every opportunity to succeed in reminding your consumers, and new consumers, why you're the best in the business.

We look forward to hearing from you and working alongside you to assist you in meeting all of your foodservice goals. Let us know if you need more information on the Carter-Hoffmann Pick Up Cabinet, or any other appliances. 

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