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Get Ready For Wedding And Events Seasons

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Hosting a wedding or an event can be simultaneously stressful and rewarding. From start to finish, venues need to be aware of current trends happening, costs, and the satisfaction of the customer and their guests. Here are some trends we're seeing and commercial kitchen equipment to make sure every event has the best food and drinks.

Trending - Larger Events

Because of the pandemic, much of the hospitality industry was put on hold to meet quarantine measures. The businesses that were allowed to open had to follow strict guidelines such as mask-wearing, surface wipe-downs, and keeping a six-foot distance between staff and visitors. 

Now that venues are opening back up without restrictions, the sphere of hospitality is kicking into high gear. As we near the season of warmer weather and longer days, many businesses are expecting to see a boom. 

What's trending around the country for weddings? Larger ceremonies. After a few years of micro-weddings because of the pandemic, couples are opting for larger events to get together everyone who haven't seen each other in a few years. With an average of around 130 guests per ceremony, venues will need to be prepared in terms of service and meal prep.

While hospitality work is expected to grow, the industry won't be without its problems. Inflation rates in the United States have skyrocketed, resulting in a rise in prices. The average wedding cost was already considered a high-cost event, and now couples, businesses and venues have to deal with the costs.

Solutions For Venues

Making sure your venue has the right equipment in place is a good start. Units that include automation can help with prep work and allow staff to concentrate on other tasks that need to be accomplished. Ventless ovens allow cooking to happen anywhere it's needed. Both of these are covered with Blodgett Combi ventless ovens. With the ability to store up to 500 recipe programs, Blodgett Combi gets a lot of food out the door, quickly. And the Hoodini system lets you move the oven wherever you need it, including outside. 

For those slow-roasted meats, the Carter-Hoffmann Cook and Hold Cabinet uses a radiant heat to cook so pre-searing, rubs, or marinades aren't needed to retain moisture and shrinkage is reduced. Using a cook and hold oven during an event also allows venues to hold food at consistent temperatures for extended periods of time without the risk of items drying out. Saving time and money.

And what's a wedding without fun drinks? Lakeside's portable bars let you move Happy Hour or the wedding reception wherever you'd like without sacrificing the bartender's access to ice, bottles, or storage.

Ready to see if your venue is prepared for weddings and events this year? Sign up for our free equipment consultation and speak with one of our event reps to learn more. 

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