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From Bottle To Brew To Bar: How Breweries Can Help Increase Profits

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Even though the basics of brewing beer haven't changed in over 12,000 years, technology is constantly advancing, helping breweries to produce better beers. Breweries and their staff need to stay abreast of new techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to prepare and sell popular beverages while simultaneously increasing profits and not increasing labor.

The Brewing Stage

Breweries are a trend that is here to stay. In fact, beer consumption in bars, breweries, and restaurants will account for 54% of spending and 35% of volume consumption in the beer market by 2025, according to Statista, with the United States as one of the leaders in the overall beer industry revenue.

Boiling, conditioning, fermenting, filtering, malting, mashing, and packaging are some of the phases in the sophisticated brewing process. When a brewery's reputation is built on its beer's quality, it's essential to own and know how to operate the proper equipment.

Deutsche Beverage Technology and SS Brewtech offer a large selection of beverage processing equipment, including hoppers and fermentation systems. Helping save time and money while ensuring the best and most highly advanced technology is available for unprecedented efficiency.

Dispensing The Brew

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For happy customers and repeat purchases, serving beer at the proper temperature is critical. Unfortunately, up to 25% of draft beer is squandered in the form of dispensing foamy beer by beer systems. A lack of temperature control and a "one-size-fits-all" system design commonly causes this.

Using the Chill-Rite system allows the operator to regain control over beer temperature and keg yields. From the beer walk-in all the way to the keg, Chill-Rite maintains the beer's temperature without being affected by the heat or cold of the building or people continuously going in and out of the cooler. It also works great for wine on tap, which helps save on purchase costs over bottled wine. 

Bottling For Sales

In-house bottling and canning help increase profits with to-go orders. Over 20% of adult consumers have added alcohol to takeaway or delivery orders in the past two years, according to the National Restaurant Association. Commensurate with Technomic's December 2020 Alcohol to Go study, 58% of respondents polled said that having adult beverages available with their to-go orders significantly influenced their restaurant decision.

Technology from Wild Goose Filling allows breweries to package beers, kombucha, or wine made in-house to sell to customers who want to-go purchases. Not only does improve profits and customer satisfaction, but it can also help relieve the labor of filling growlers or pints. With the choice of bottling or canning equipment, Wild Goose produces as much packaged product as the brewery can process.

Serving Non-Beer Selections

Breweries and bars need to offer other options to guests who might not drink beer. According to a consumer survey conducted in the United States in 2019, 53.3% of younger millennials prefer liquor to beer or wine.

The brewery is a social hub for like-minded individuals who can dive into the nuances of a beverage, its aromas, its tasting notes, and how it was made. However, there are plenty of locations to grab a fantastic glass of wine or try a new cider. This is why it's important to cater to not only beer lovers but lovers of wine, coffee, tea, and everything in between. There are an array of products that do just that.

Save money by serving non-alcoholic choices with the Wunder-Bar Bar Gun. Able to serve up to 14 kinds of drinks from a syrup reservoir, the Bar Gun saves time and space. To help control even more costs, L2F's Skyflo regulates exactly how much liquor is poured out of the bottle. Ensuring there are no overpours that happen either accidentally or intentionally. Skyflo also lets management monitor inventory levels anywhere there's wifi, helping even more with making sure profits stay where they're supposed to.

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For customers who are looking for something a little trendy and refreshing, the Zamboozy makes it simple to make frozen drinks that are ready for their Instagram close-up. From frose to frozen cocktails or even beer slushies, adult drinks are ready whenever they're needed. Slushies aren't just for kids anymore!

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