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Hosting The Ultimate Outdoor Commercial BBQ

One Source Hosting the Ultimate Outdoor BBQ

Nothing welcomes summer guests to a restaurant, resort, country club, or hotel more effectively than a well-prepared, delicious barbeque. To make each barbeque event successful, it is imperative to select the best commercial grilling equipment to get the job done right. 

Pulling off a great BBQ takes a lot of preparation. By selecting the ideal commercial kitchen equipment, having a seamlessly run event will be easier.

Becoming the Professional Grillmaster

MagiKitch'n Grills

MagiKitch'n manufactures a variety of outdoor grills that can help transform even the novice chef into a professional grillmaster.  Depending on the capacity needed, the portable outdoor gas grills provide power and efficiency to deliver beautifully grilled products to guests with ease. 

MagiKitchn MagiCater GrillThe tank carts for these models are constructed from durable aluminized steel and have sturdy wheels to make transportation a breeze. The 60" unit comes equipped with two 40-pound, horizontal tanks, while the 30" unit features a single 40-pound tank.  LP liquid propane tank caddies are included as standard equipment, and can also accommodate natural gas tanks.

Their Smoke and Roast roll-top hoods give grillmasters a variety of excellent cooking options, and their nickel chrome-plated work decks are mounted in front to make the job easier. They come with excellent pressure regulators and individually-operated control valves, as well as 20,000 BTUH steel burners.

EVO Grills

Alternatively, the EVO Commercial Professional Series provides the ability to adjust heat individually across their inner and outer cooking zones in order to accommodate delicate food, such as shrimp, fish fillets, and other lighter fare.  This is in addition to traditional cuts of barbeque meat.

Evo Professional Cart

Some grillmasters prefer the EVO's round surfaces to traditional square griddles because of their ability to regulate even surface temperatures ranging from 225°F to 550°F from the grill's center to its outer edge. The 30" oil-seasoned cooking surfaces are made from high-quality steel that has been oil-seasoned for versatility and durability. Heat is transferred to the burners by separate control knobs that accommodate inner and outer cooking zones. 

It's All About The Finishing Touches

Presentation is important when serving barbeque.  Bread that has a uniform brownness provides a desirable visual appeal and tastes better.

APW Wyott Conveyer and Vertical Toasters

APW Wyott has energy-saving, economical toasters with the capacity to toast plenty of buns to serve up as many burgers and 'dogs as you need.

The APW Wyott AT Express Radiant Conveyor Toaster not only saves energy, but it also has the capacity to accommodate a wide variety of bread items, from bagels to regular bread slices to muffins, producing a uniform level of doneness each time.  Its compact design is perfect for smaller areas and can be hooked up on a patio for barbeque parties.

At the other end of the spectrum, the ECO-4000 toaster can toast up to 500 buns per hour. with plenty of room for thicker items, there are no concerns about anything getting stuck.  Saving up to 75% in energy costs, the ECO-4000 also saves 36% more energy compared to competitive products.

APW Flat Roller Grills

No barbeque is complete without the commercial grilling equipment necessary to produce grilled hotdogs.

APW Wyott Hot Dog RollerThe APW Flat Roller Grill  X*Pert Series, with its specially-designed surface rollers, can quickly produce delicious hotdogs with ease. The roller grill takes very little time to heat up the two cooking zones and boasts a fast recovery time. Each style has 6 different models from which to choose. The unit consistently rolls each hotdog to roast them perfectly while the easy-to-remove bottom and side panels make clean-up simple.

Get hands-on experience with APW Wyott, Evo, and MagiKitch'n equipment in our test kitchen. Schedule time today by clicking below. 

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