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ICETRO Ice Cube Machines: The Cool Solution

Cooler Concepts Header Image ICETRO Ice Machines

Many people may overlook ice machines while dining at their favorite restaurant or vacationing with a beautiful chain of hotels for a week.

However, food and beverage and hospitality professionals understand that ice machines are vital to the foodservice experience. They provide a reliable source of clean, safe, and filtered ice for various uses when crafting drinks and unforgettable dinners.

A carefully selected ice machine maintains food safety by ensuring ingredients are stored at the proper temperature and helping to keep drinks cold in very specific ways depending on the type of beverage ordered.

From crushed ice for food displays and ice sculptures to nuggets and flaked, foodservice operators can streamline operations and save money by eliminating large quantities of bagged ice. That's why adding ICETRO ice machines to your foodservice business is more convenient, along with helping to expand menus and increase profits. 

The Importance of High-Quality Ice in Foodservice Operations

There are many reasons to be vigilant about maintaining the best quality ice in a commercial kitchen, bar, or fine dining restaurant. For example, in the seafood business, having a reliable and consistent supply of ice is essential. Ice is a crucial component used to preserve and transport catches from the moment they are pulled from the water. Without a reliable supply of fresh ice, fish can quickly spoil and become unusable, resulting in a loss of profits for restaurants. 

Ensuring the best ice is used in a commercial kitchen or foodservice business helps reduce overhead and cut utility bills. Even a convenience store's success depends on the type of ice used for the various customer beverages. Not only does ice provide a refreshing drink on sticky hot days, but it also serves as an essential tool for bartenders. Different shapes and sizes of ice are used to build the body of various cocktails, such as a Mojito or a Martini. 

The size and shape of the ice used are important to creating the perfect mixed drink. Here are a few reasons that the style of ice is essential:

  • Ice shapes help to enhance, control, and maintain the temperature of drinks served. 
  • Depending on the shape, ice can prevent the dilution of drinks over time, providing a more intense flavor and less wasted product. 
  • A variety of ice shapes are required to create beautiful, aesthetically pleasing drinks which attract high-paying customers.
  • Ice shapes help create interesting and intricate cocktails, allowing for exciting combinations of flavors and ingredients.
  • Adding texture, complexity, and aroma to drinks is accomplished using ice.

Overview of ICETRO Ice Cube Machines

No matter what cocktail is being showcased or how many salmon steaks need to be chilled, ICETRO has the best commercial ice solutions. There are eight different ice machines available from ICETRO, which include: 

  • Under Counter
  • Modular
  • Storage Bin
  • Flake/Nugget
  • Snowflake
  • Nugget
  • Ice/water and Hotel Dispensers

ICETRO ice machines provide up to five different types of ice: cube, nugget, flake, scale, and gourmet. Each shape has its own cooling and storage characteristics, making them ideal for a range of applications.  

For instance, nugget ice is best used for drinks because it's smaller and softer than regular cubes, making it easier to chew. It also has a higher surface area-to-volume ratio, which helps drinks stay cooler for longer and increases profit margins for foodservice businesses. Additionally, it can be used in smoothies, snow cones, and other frozen treats.

Gourmet ice is meant for cocktails and other drinks, as well as a plate garnish. In addition, it can be used in decorative food displays or as an ingredient in frozen desserts. Snowflake ice is also great for cold drinks, such as iced tea, soda, and water. But it's also great for chilling foods like raw oysters, salads, and fruits.

Last but not least is scale ice. Scale is most commonly used for cooling applications in food and beverage processing.

So, muddle and mix, shake, and strain to your heart's content, but be sure your team has the right ice to keep things chill.

How ICETRO Machines Improve Foodservice Business

ICETRO ice machines are designed to reduce labor costs and waste for restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, and other food and beverage businesses. Their ice machines are fully automated, turning on and off according to pre-programmed settings, so less staff is needed.

Furthermore, ICETRO ice machines are durable and highly reliable. Designed to be low maintenance, they run for extended periods of time with minimal oversight, further reducing labor and energy costs.

All of these features make ICETRO ice machines an ideal choice for foodservice businesses looking to increase profits. Expand your food and beverage options while saving money with ICETRO! 

Not sure which ice is best for you? You're in luck! Take our simple interactive quiz by clicking the image below to be matched with your optimal ice.

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