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The 2023 NRA Show: Our Must-See Manufacturer Recommendations

If you are part of the foodservice industry, take advantage of the opportunity to network with innovators from all around the world at the National Restaurant Association Show on May 20-23 in Chicago. Our One Source Reps’ team will be there to see the newest foodservice equipment designed to power automation and profits, beverage solutions, and much more. Every category is represented so you can connect with the experts for the products that mean most to your business. Check out these must-see manufacturers!

Middleby (Booth 4200):


Middlebys One Touch Platform saves time and promotes consistency and quality because all your equipment can operate using the same interface. In our labor-challenged industry, developing uniform processes is critical. One Touch provides standardized views that include recipe management, cooking types, settings, and a progress circle that displays how far along an operator is during any process.

Similarly, Open Kitchen from Middleby is an IoT solution used by foodservice operators to connect and monitor HVAC, refrigeration, and foodservice cooking equipment, across any brand. Ensure that equipment is only on when it needs to be, get alerts if equipment is failing, and adjust things like thermostat settings.

Beverage Solutions

Ss Brewtech from Middleby makes it easy to intuitively adjust flow and heat without having to with one controller to make beer from start to finish. Plus, a graphing feature gives you an awesome overview of your brew day with all its intricate time & temperature details — even allowing for data export in .CSV format!  

See the Skyflo liquor management system in action at NRA. If you are a bar or restaurant owner, Skyflo from L2F is the answer to reducing your liquor costs by up to 30%! With precision pour spouts, Skyflo transmits real-time data tracking, saving you thousands of dollars in liquor loss and unrecorded sales.

Lastly, if your customers are more of a coffee-drinking crowd, get ready to reduce labor costs and serve up café-quality beverages with one machine — the Super Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine from Concordia Beverage Systems. One button allows you to grind, brew, and steam milk!

Embracing Technology

Restaurant operators are facing a big challenge: how to stay profitable with rising costs, a tight labor market, and an uncertain economy. Fortunately, technology in the form of automation, AI, and robot helpers can assist with efficiency, productivity, and costs. At One Source Reps, we have always prioritized ensuring that our clients never have to worry about finding the perfect equipment for their front- and back-of-house needs. As a leading foodservice equipment manufacturers’ representative group based in Philadelphia, we represent the finest brands in the industry.


Plantation Prestige (Booth 1052):

Outdoor Dining

If you want quality commercial outdoor furniture, stop by Plantation Prestige’s booth at the show. They are the only One Source Rep furniture company that will be represented at NRA this year. Plantation Prestige has plenty of seating options, tables, umbrellas, and more for you to set up your outdoor space now to start serving customers.


Every day, exciting innovations are being introduced in our industry, and we look forward to seeing what’s new at NRA that we can share with our customers. Schedule time to meet with us at NRA 2023!