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Why We're Looking Forward to The NAFEM Show 2023

Neil Inverso Incoming MAFSI President

Every two years, the foodservice equipment industry comes together for the biggest event in our industry -- The NAFEM Show. This year's event will be held from February 1st through the 3rd in Orlando, Florida, and aside from enjoying some warm sunshine in the middle of the Philadelphia winter, we have other reasons to be excited about attending.

During The NAFEM Show, it is also customary for the MAFSI organization to hold their bi-annual meeting where the new MAFSI president is installed, and this year that person is our own Neil Inverso. But before we dig into what that means for our customers, let's first explain the importance of NAFEM and MAFSI for our customers, partners, and foodservice operators in the greater Philadelphia area.

What is NAFEM?

Whether you're a new restaurant owner or someone just starting in foodservice equipment sales, the industry can be a bit confusing for those just entering it. Starting with the NAFEM organization is a great place to start. NAFEM stands for North American Association of Foodservice Equipment Manufacturers. Founded in 1948, NAFEM is a trade association of 500 commercial foodservice equipment and supplies manufacturers committed to solving foodservice challenges through innovation. Every two years, they hold The NAFEM Show to highlight those innovations.

What is MAFSI?

MAFSI, which stands for Manufacturers' Agents Association for the Foodservice Industry, is a growing membership base of 470+ rep and manufacturer companies across North America. MAFSI is an outstanding example of the power of the cooperative and voluntary efforts of its members, and the result is a foodservice equipment industry that is better prepared to serve the needs of operators, restaurateurs, and end users who deliver food and beverage.

The MAFSI board of directors is comprised of 26 regional board members along with a leadership team that includes a president, vice president, treasurer, and chairman. One Source Reps' president and CEO, Neil Inverso, is set to take the gavel in February when he becomes the next president of the organization.

Where NAFEM and MAFSI come together. What you can expect in Orlando.

As mentioned, The NAFEM Show is held every two years. In 2023 it'll be held in Orlando. As also mentioned, Neil Inverso is set to become the next president of MAFSI in February. These events will take place concurrently during MAFSI's annual event at The NAFEM Show.

"The MAFSI event held at The NAFEM Show is one of the great moments in our industry," Inverso says. "It's where so many leaders come together to volunteer and serve our industry as we commit to making it better and more accessible for all foodservice operators and industry partners."

The NAFEM Show is a great place to network and entertain while also meeting with important industry partners. The One Source team will be happy to walk you through the show floor and introduce you to some of our great partners at the Middleby Corporation.

Ready to get some hands-on training on some of the brands that will be at NAFEM? Click below to schedule time with our chefs in our test kitchen. 

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