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What We're Thankful For This Year

One Source Team Photo

It's almost the end of another year and One Source Reps has plenty to be thankful for. From our team members to our clients to our community, we've been blessed enormously. To help celebrate and thank our team, our chefs created a Thanksgiving-themed lunch in our test kitchen

Chefs Chris and Peter utilized the equipment in the kitchen to put together a tasty meal. They cooked the stuffed turkey with butter and sage in a Blodgett Combi. Chef Chris loves the moisture injection included in the oven to keep the bird tender and then blasting some dry heat to crisp up the skin.


Sides included fresh-made turkey gravy, Brussel sprouts with thyme seared in cast iron, Chef Peter's special cranberry sauce, and aligot, which is milled mashed potatoes, butter, roasted garlic, and lots of tasty cheese. All prepared on a Southbend range, everything came together perfectly and our team had a great time getting together to unwind before taking some time off to spend with our families for the holiday. 

One Source Pie Thanksgiving

"One Source Reps is proud to be a part of the Sharon Hill and Philidelphia communities," said President and CEO Neil Inverso. "We've worked hard and continue to grow and are very happy and thankful to continue to do that where we are. On behalf of all of the One Source Rep team, we're wishing everyone a happy, safe, and filling Thanksgiving! And thank you for supporting us throughout the years."

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