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Innovative Features of Follett Ice Machines

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Ice is food. That's a common phrase heard across the food and beverage industry, and with the innovative leaders at Follett Ice, it's undoubtedly true. As beverage supply leaders in the greater Philadelphia area, One Source is proud to partner with the innovators of ice, and we will show you why.

Ice is always important whether you're a c-store, a QSR, or something in between, like a hospital or corporate cafeteria. That's why finding an ice machine manufacturer that feels the same way is critical. Follett has met the ice-making needs of the greater Philly area since 1948, even going beyond ice machines to offer products such as innovative ice storage bins, ice storage and transport systems, ice and water dispensers, and ice and beverage dispensers.

What to Look For in an Ice Machine?

There are many answers to this question, but one of the biggest distinctions is the ability to meet high demands with high efficiency and reduced noise. Achieving this objective relies heavily on the compressor, which is the heart of an ice machine that pushes refrigerant through the unit. That refrigerant cools inside the narrow, accordion-like tube known as the condenser. When the refrigerant enters the condenser as a gas, it's quickly cooled around the coiled tubing until it condenses into a liquid that passes through another set of coiled tubing called the evaporator. That's the refrigeration system used in the ice machine.

A high-efficiency ice machine dissipates heat efficiently during the refrigeration process. The value of a high-efficiency compressor is that it will cost less energy to operate, saving money in the long run. Today's technology means it's no longer necessary to hassle with the loud ice machines of the past that featured noisy compressors. A modern ice machine can operate at a low noise level, making it difficult to hear the compressor. 

The Value of Smart Control Systems

Follett's modern ice machines come with smart technology that makes them even more helpful. The specially formulated smart control systems automate and optimize operation, using advanced sensors, algorithms, and data analysis techniques to monitor and adjust the ice machine's operation. Some smart control system features include:

  • Self-Monitoring: The ice machine's operation is constantly monitored to ensure it is optimal, with alerts sent if an issue develops.
  • Energy-Saving Mode: When the ice machine is not being used, it automatically shifts into an energy-saving mode to reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs.
  • Predictive Maintenance: The ice machine's sensors analyze data to predict when maintenance is needed to help prevent breakdowns and to extend the appliance's life. 
  • Remote Monitoring: This feature allows remote monitoring to assess problems by a technician and troubleshoot solutions from any location as a way to reduce service costs.

Sustainable Technologies for Future Needs

Follett manufactures ice machines with a commitment to sustainability that ensures they meet today's needs without sacrificing tomorrow's. Some sustainable technologies include: 

  • Federal energy efficiency compliance
  • Certified ENERGY STAR®
  • RoHS compliant
  • Environmentally friendly (CFC-free) refrigerants – either R404a or R134a
  • Up to 60% less water use by Horizon Elite™ and Maestro Plus™ Chewblet® ice machines 

RIDE Helps Keep Ice Clean

Remember, ice is food. The benefits of using Follett include advanced sanitation features that protect health and cleanliness. Industry-exclusive Remote Ice Delivery Equipment (RIDE) eliminates employee contact with ice, and RIDE will even deliver and dispense it up to 75 feet away. Along with antimicrobial properties, touchless dispensing, and automatic cleaning that sanitizes internal components, the Follett RIDE system helps keep customers safe and drinks fresh.

Not sure what type of ice would work best for your foodservice business? Take our ice quiz and find out:

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