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Finish Off National Pizza Month the Right Way!

middleby marshall wow

We get it. We know you love pizza. So do we. That's why we're putting the stamp on another version of National Pizza Month by taking you into our test kitchen and by introducing you to an oven that can help you achieve all your pizza objectives.

The WOW! Oven from Middleby Marshall is an impingement oven. That means it moves air around the cooking chamber at rates that exceed the capabilities of a convection oven. That heat can also be better focused in an impingement oven, and the Middleby Marshall WOW! is one of the most productive in the industry, delivering 30 percent faster bake times, a capacity of up to 74 pies an hour, and being the largest ventless pizza oven in the industry.

Check out the largest ventless pizza oven in the industry.


As you can see, the WOW! provides a high level of benefit in commercial kitchens. By combining high-volume capacity with high-quality capabilities, the Middleby Marshall WOW! is a great way to cap off National Pizza Month. We've certainly enjoyed having one in our Philadelphia test kitchen!


Join us in the test kitchen for a live or on-demand demo.

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