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Fryapalooza: The Digital Fried Food Fair from Pitco

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From fried dough to french fries, fair food is nostalgic for everyone. There are menu staples and then there are the innovators who will find the new dishes and think to themselves "Can I deep fry this?" that we all keep an eye out for. With Pitco's Fryapalooza we are able to digitally browse down those food vendor lanes.

What is Fryapalooza?

With safety in mind, events this year have changed entirely so with the cancellation of town and state fairs, Pitco took it upon themselves to find a way to still get some of your favorite fried food to you. Pitco challenged both the general public and its representatives to record the creation of their own favorite dishes. Whether you have a commercial kitchen, home kitchen, or frying over an outdoor fire, Pitco wanted to see it all. 

Our Contributions

We jumped at the opportunity to use our test kitchen to share some of our favorite fried dishes. Chef Chris Boyce was the first to submit a video for a great "Slap Yo Mama Softshell Crab" plate (No mamas were hurt in the making of this video). He walks you through the fresh breading and frying of the whole crab in a Pitco ROV fryer. The dish features a Soft shell crab, slap yo mama seasoned crust, green curry, chili oil, lime, basil, mint, and cilantro and he walks through the whole plating process. 

Neil was also eager to share one of his favorite recipes for the cause. French fries come in many different forms and are cooked in different ways and come in all shapes and sizes. So for Fryapalooza, he decided to cook up his Perfect Fries recipe to share. Watch him as he makes a delicious stack of french fries:

These are definitely not your average fries. These are very thick cut from fresh potatoes, thicker than steak fries and much more delicious. Neil uses a blast chiller before he begins the frying process in their Pitco fryer to get that crisp and crunchy outside with the steamed soft potato we expect in our fries.

Fried Food is Always a Hit

Cooking food in vats of hot oil is used in almost every culture throughout the world. Whether it is using locally sourced ingredients or preparing them in different ways before frying them up, they are always a crowd pleaser. Adding fried food is a great way to expand your menu with options that have great profit margins. Whether it is using ingredients you already have in your kitchen or sourcing new product, Fryapalooza helps remind us that the possibilities are endless when it comes to fried food.

Cooking Your Favorites With Pitco

Whether you cook yours at home or you make a local favorite dish in your restaurant, comfort foods come best when they are deep fried. If you are running a kitchen you know that you can't go wrong with Pitco. Their Solstice and Solstice Supreme burner systems keep oil at optimal temperatures for product consistency while maintaining great levels of energy efficiency. No matter the size of your operation, Pitco has a fryer that suits your needs. Whether you are a local shop with a great loyal following or a larger operation that needs a fryer running full blast all day everyday, Pitco makes a fryer to maximize throughput in your kitchen footprint.

Pitco ROV: Reduced Oil Volume

You'll see us use our Pitco ROV fryer in both videos but have you ever heard of the term ROV? It stands for reduced oil volume which means this fryer is designed to cook the same volumes of product as other models, but these units use less oil. Frying oil is one of the most expensive aspects of having a fryer but these models yield up to 50% cost savings by reducing the cold zone underneath the heating elements. Featured in both gas and electric models, these fryers are top of the line work horses for any kitchen.

We Know Frying

With Pitco we are ready to match you up with the right fryer for every use case. Whether you are opening up a new kitchen, expanding your menu, or upgrading an older fryer, let us provide you with a free fryer consultation.

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