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The Biggest Honor We Can Bestow Is to Invite You Into Our Kitchen


One of the most intimate invitations -- one of the biggest honors we can think of in life -- is to be invited into the kitchen. Whether it's a restaurant in Philadelphia or someone's home in Cherry Hill, to be welcomed in where meals are cooked and consumed is a tribute to trust and friendship.

Sure, on the surface, kitchens are just full of shiny stuff. Stainless steel, fire, and sometimes even the chef's smile are all part of the shimmering landscape. But a kitchen is much more than just the equipment and the methods used to cook food. Hell, it's more than the food itself.

A kitchen is about tradition. It's about memories. It's about grandparents who have long since passed. It's about making new memories -- and sometimes new menus -- for the next generations. A kitchen is about the moments we all share together. And, honestly, that's what makes 2020 so difficult in many ways. Simply put, it's harder to get together.

Here at One Source, we like to think about the challenges our industry faces and turn them into opportunities. We know many of you cannot physically come to our kitchen, and we know others just aren't comfortable yet. That's ok. We're going to bring our kitchen to you.

Introducing One Source LIVE


We'd like to officially welcome you into our kitchen as part of One Source LIVE. From demos to menu planning, we'd like to make it as easy as possible for you to join us at in-house culinary events from the comfort of your own house. Hospitality is important to us, and given the year we've already had, we realized we had to couple innovation with our motivation, and the result is our One Source LIVE platform.

"What is One Soure LIVE? It's an extension of my childhood," says One Source President and CEO, Neil Inverso. "And that's not a joke. Since I was a kid growing up with an Italian father and a Jewish mother, welcoming friends and family into our kitchen was a huge deal, and I carry those same emotions forward today with a virtual doorway to our dining room."

Whether it's breaking the fast for Yom Kippur or enjoying an Easter stromboli in the spring, when you attend a One Source LIVE event, you can expect, not just an equipment demonstration, but an experience that reflects who we are as a company and as individuals who make up that company.

So, no matter who you are or what type of operation you run; whether you read the first half of the Bible on Saturday, the second half of the Bible on Sunday, or you don't read the Bible at all; whether you're an executive chef or working your way up from the line -- we'd love to have you in our kitchen here at One Source LIVE

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