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Score At Your Stadium With Great Food & Drinks Every Football Season

Football Stadium

The kickoff to football season doesn't only mean tackles and touchdowns. As people gather in college and professional stadiums around the country, they're also thinking about celebratory drinks and lots of food to enjoy.

We seriously love Philly Sports

We're passionate fans about local Philadelphia sports. We're out there tailgating every Sunday for the Birds, and chanting "Philly Philly" with the rest of them at baseball games. And don't forget singing "Fly, Eagles! Fly!" at football games (Go Birds!) Our love for this city....our community....runs deep in our veins.

os phillies

When we think of stadium equipment, we automatically suggest Evo, L2F, Lakeside, and Magikitchn. This equipment will help serve customers efficiently and help your stadium satisfy customers, all while making a profit.

Perfect Drinks Every Pour

Part of the fun of attending games and concerts in stadiums is having drinks with friends. But nothing is as jarring as ordering your favorite cocktail only to find the bartender didn't pour it correctly. Mispoured drinks don't only affect customer satisfaction, though. It can eat into a stadium's bottom line. 


Stadiums need to make money in a shorter amount of time than traditional bars. Bartenders who are overpouring liquor intentionally or unintentionally cause a profit loss. Training is crucial, but it can't prevent every mispour that happens. The L2F Skyflo system can. 

By regulating how many ounces of liquor get poured for each drink, Skyflo also wirelessly transmits real-time data tracking so that you know what gets poured when. Increasing speed of service, helping with inventory, and increasing profits while keeping customers happy.

Great Food, Great Times

What's a football game without food to enjoy while watching the game? 72% of American sports fans say they always purchase food at a game. While guests love to eat all of those sandwiches, burgers, and hot dogs, what they don't love is to wait in line for their orders. Having to wait in long lines means missing out on the game. Being able to cook foods quickly on the grill or griddle or having multiple locations for customers to choose from will help speed up service. 

MagiKitchn Charbroiler CMRMB636Grilling shish kabobs, sausages, and burgers can be done quickly on Magikitch'n Charbroilers. With a computer-designed heat pattern that gives consistent heat, the broilers have an even cooking pattern, allowing for quicker cooking. Easy to operate, Magikitch'n Charbroilers requires little cooking experience, letting venues get staff on the line faster.

Fried food is a hit at any ballpark. Great eats like jalapeño poppers, funnel cake, fries, wings, and onion rings are all fan favorites that are simple to prepare in a Pitco fryer. With fryers that have self-filtration features, automation, and easy-to-use controls, Pitco helps you serve crisp, fresh fried food to keep customers coming back for more. 

If you're looking to create profit centers in places you never imagined you could cook, theEvo EVent Outdoor EVent Evo EVent ventless electric griddle can help. Designed for front-of-house cooking and with an integrated ventilation system, the EVent doesn't require a traditional hood and ductwork. Letting you place it in walkways, under stairwells, outside of luxury suites, or anywhere else you have the space. 

With sanitation and cleanliness on everyone's minds, don't forget the Lakeside Hands-Free Condiment Station. Foot pedal operation allows guests to dispense their favorite condiments directly on their food without having to touch bottles or single-serve packets. 

Make sure your stadium is ready for football season with the best equipment. Schedule an equipment consultation with the One Source team to learn more. 

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