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Why You Should Use a Combi Oven

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Combi ovens can be some of the most versatile and efficient units in the foodservice industry when it comes to daily operations. They are a game-changer in the kitchen and allow you to conveniently prepare various meals using three cooking methods, without the need for multiple units.

And who doesn't want to streamline their cooking methods and increase kitchen workflow?


The term combi represents exactly what you'd assume: the word combination. Combi accurately and easily defines what a combination oven is and what it can do without being difficult to break down or understand. Combi ovens utilize convection, steam, and a combination of the two cooking styles to help tastefully prepare items ready for serving. 

Convection cooking is known for utilizing the circulation of dry heat to cook and is most often used to bake bread or roast meats along with many other items. This style of cooking is commonly used to help retain flavor. When steaming and convection cooking are used together, you can reduce shrinkage, retain moisture and provide consumers with a tender result. 


2021-09-24_0001There are many reasons that combi ovens make a great addition to the kitchen, but the main one is that combi ovens give you the chance to be versatile in the kitchen, which is great when you have an extensive menu with limited space. Not only do these units ensure you can cook and prepare a mixture of items, but they eliminate the need for duplicate equipment and deplete the need to hunt for larger real estate.

With combi ovens, you can physically do more with less. Blodgett Combi's ventless ovens replace the need for installing expensive ventilation, making it perfect for smaller kitchens or locations where you can't make changes to the building without paying hefty fees for zoning and construction. With full temperature control combined with the authority to manage the humidity, you can steam, roast, bake, and more at the convenience of using one unit. 

Additionally, combi ovens are easy to use. They offer pre-built-in features that allow you to pre-program temperatures and cooking times based on menu items, which is great if you're short-staffed or simply want to cut back on the cost of labor. No matter which of the three cooking methods you decide to use, Blodgett Combi ovens thoroughly and evenly cook items without reducing water weight or taking away from the flavor consumers want. 

Hot Tip from Neil:

HOT TIP FROM NEIL transparentAs Neil always says, "if you want to know how a piece of equipment performs, cook a chicken in it." While we tried our best to convince him to put that sound advice to music, the logic behind it was too good to not share on this blog, sarcasm aside. Why? Because we've all experienced our fair share of dry chicken, whether out at restaurants, at catered events, or even at home. Cooking your standard piece of chicken breast in a combi oven elevates the entire experience, and practically eliminates having to suffer through chewing on dry, overcooked chicken ever again. The infusion of moisture into the actual cooking process is key to a delicious (winner winner) chicken dinner.


If you're looking to optimize daily cooking and preparation, reduce the cost of purchasing multiple appliances and duplicate equipment, or simply want to find out more about how combi ovens can improve your foodservice operation's workflow, we're here to help.

See it in One Source Live:

With our test kitchens, you can schedule an in-person demo and discover just how efficient our combi oven solutions are. If you have questions about certain features and benefits of the unit, one of our experts will be happy to walk you through the finer details that make combi ovens the next best thing for your kitchen.

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