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Holidays in the One Source Live Kitchen

Holidays in the One Source Live Kitchen

We've told you previously that one of the biggest honors we can bestow is inviting you to share a meal with us. We truly mean that, and we know that the holiday season has everyone turning more inward and celebrating these special memories and times with family. 2020 looks and feels different, and we're like to invite you to spend the holiday in the One Source Live test kitchen, either virtually or in-person.

"Growing up in the Philly area, my family and traditions played an important role," says Neil Inverso. "My mother and her family were of Jewish heritage, while my Dad's Italian-Catholic upbringing allowed my family to spend the month of December celebrating both Christmas traditions, as well as Hanukkah."

If you know anything about either the Italian culture, or the Jewish culture, food plays a massive role in each of them. Whether it's the weekly Sunday dinner after mass, or the Sabbath, we gathered as a family often and food was always at the pivotal center. 

"One of my absolute favorite traditional meals to prepare is a brisket," shares Neil. "It's an old family recipe that has been passed down for generations, but has evolved because of my knowledge and access to professional foodservice equipment." 

Holidays in the One Source Live Kitchen

Why choose convection heat?

Since a brisket is a thick cut of meat, it usually takes quite a bit of time to cook, and soften so it's tender throughout. While most cooks choose to use a conventional oven, we've found that cooking a brisket using convection heat is the key. Convection cooking using a combination of heat and air to circulate inside the oven, to cook everything evenly and quickly. In fact, recipes can be prepared and cooked the exact same way as they would be using a conventional oven, with only the need for time to be adjusted. 

blodgett-LOGOBlodgett convection ovens have made a name for themselves in the industry, and is known for setting the benchmark for reliability and quality. Blodgett has set this precedence for over 100 years. The first Blodgett was created in 1848! You can hardly step foot inside any restaurant, fast-food, chain, or foodservice operation without seeing a trusty Blodgett inside the commercial kitchen.  When you think of traditions within the foodservice industry, Blodgett is the first brand that comes to mind.

Holidays in the One Source Live Kitchen

We'd love it if you joined us in the kitchen! Our brand new One Source Live is the perfect way to virtually drop-in in your own schedule, and speak with commercial equipment experts like Neil or Chef Chris, personally. Click below to see what's cooking in the kitchen right now!

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