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The Kitchen Is Open for One Source Live

os live combi edition hero

One Source Live is one of our favorite things here at One Source Reps. It gives us the chance to get into the kitchen with our partners and collaborators to create and have some fun. And isn't that what the kitchen should be all about?

As we head deeper into 2022, we're making a commitment to ramp our test kitchen experiences so we can help push the great food cultures of greater Philadelphia even further. We believe we're about to emerge into a new golden era of restaurants and foodservice, and we want to do everything we can to help create that.


To us, great food requires three important things -- great ingredients, the imagination and creativity to use them, and then the cooking equipment and processes to make it happen. We take our job, the cooking equipment and processes to make it happen, seriously. As a result, our test kitchen is always changing with the latest and greatest "chef toys."

"The kitchen is always changing." says One Source president and CEO, Neil Inverso. "We're getting all new equipment like a Plexor from TurboChef, a Wok Range from Jade, and a new Pitco fryer with a filter system. We're upgrading and changing almost every day, and we invite our great Philly foodies to come in, take a look, and demo some of our equipment for yourself."


One way to do this is to attend a One Source Live event, a scheduled opportunity for guests to work one-on-one with our staff and equipment. Events are typically scheduled around a single point of focus, such as our upcoming Combi Oven Event on March 9, 2022. There will be giveaways at each event, along with a chance to win a free menu assessment with our corporate chef.

"We have the constant initiative to build relationships with the local operators," Inverso says. "We want to educate the community and be seen as a local resource and offer solutions, and of course, we're going to have a little fun in the process. That's what we do here at One Source, and that's the way food and beverage should be consumed."

Interested in joining us for our first One Source Live event on March 9? Click below to see event specifics and to register for this special Combi-focused event!