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Pull The Best Espresso Drinks With Concordia and Synesso

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Coffee consumption in the United States is up and customers are drinking it hot or cold and in all variations. According to the National Coffee Association, it’s up 5% over the past five years and seven out of ten Americans drink a cup of coffee at least once a week.  Is your foodservice operation ready to make profits off the coffee craze?

As the seasons change, people use their coffee to celebrate. In the fall people are meeting to have a cup of caramel apple coffee and in the winter they’re sipping on peppermint mochas. Even in the summer months, drinking an iced espresso is popular. Get those coffee-based drinks in your customers’ hands with a Concordia or Synesso machine.

No Experience Needed

Having a business that isn’t a coffee shop doesn’t mean that you can’t serve popular coffee drinks. Today cafes, bars, and even libraries are selling coffee to help increase profit margins and improve customer satisfaction. Many business owners hesitate to add coffee-based drinks to their menu because of labor concerns and having to train a barista. Those concerns are addressed with the Concordia XT6

An automated commercial espresso machine, the XT6 is the ultimate one-touch, bean-to-cup beverage brewer that can be operated by any employee. Able to make hot and iced drinks like Americanos, cappuccinos, and mochas, the XT6 lets staff brew drinks just how your customers like it. And the EspressJet™ Flavor Infusion System avoids a powdery taste by imparting up to six syrups into the coffee, allowing over 1,000 customizable drink combinations. Letting you easily serve high-quality coffee-based drinks with less labor to help drive sales.

Premium Quality, Specialty Espresso

As the demand for coffee has increased, so has the demand for specialty coffee. The Specialty Coffee Association reports almost 60% of all coffee served in the US is considered gourmet, with espresso-based beverages, are up nearly 50%. And many times that gourmet espresso is expected to be served by an experienced barista. When your coffee bar or bakery wants to offer a more customized, hands-on coffee experience, Synesso S-Series espresso machines ensure your business has the right tools to tamp out the perfect cup of espresso. 

Synesso S-SeriesThe Synesso S-Series line is perfect for small to medium coffee shops or multi-concept retailers like bakeries and hotels. Its lower height profile allows for better engagement with customers while also letting staff keep an eye out on the sales floor. With extraction controlled by volumetric programming, digital shot times, and automatic repeatable recipes, the S-Series is the most user-friendly professional espresso machine on the market. 

For businesses that are a higher volume and have busy coffee bars, like specialty cafes thatSynesso MVP Hydra use unique bean blends and produce social media ready drinks, explore Synesso MVP Hydra. The go-to espresso machine for coffee professionals looking for complete control of their craft, the MVP Hydra allows baristas to control the temperature and pressure of each espresso pull to custom make each serve. And with the ability to dial-in and save recipes in manual, semi, and full volumetric modes, even the most complex drink can be replicated by other staff members.

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