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How We Celebrated National Bagel Day in Philly

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Whether you enjoy your bagel with lox or cream cheese, it's a perfect start to the day. In the afternoon, you can indulge with a cinnamon and raisin bagel topped with melted butter. Here in Philly, we enjoy your bagels as a meal to start the day or an anytime snack.

On January 15th, the city celebrates one of its favorite pastries — the bagel. National Bagel Day brings attention to this delightful treat. Whether you own a bakery, Jewish deli, or café, you need to be ready to celebrate National Bagel Day in Philly with plenty of flavors and toppings. It might be time to treat your business to some new equipment. 

Getting the Dough Right

Your bagel needs to start with a good base. This means that your dough must be mixed well without overdoing and adding too many air bubbles. You want your dough to be perfect. The Doyon mixer is the right choice to mix the perfect dough and save you time. 

Whether you need to make a small or large batch of dough — make extra on National Bagel Day — you can choose a Doyon mixer in a variety of sizes. All of these mixers sit conveniently on the floor, and you can select a location that's easy to access without being in the way. 

With a powerful motor and an array of attachments, the Doyon mixer offers flexibility and functionality to your business. Choose among the multiple mixing speeds and opt for a shield guard to minimize messes around your kitchen and make it easier to add additional ingredients. Your new Doyon mixer can help National Bagel Day a success. 

Baking Seals the Deal

Bagels have a unique texture because they're traditionally boiled in hot water. The longer you boil the bagel determines the chewiness and thickness of the crust. However, when you're working in a new Blodgett Combi oven, you have the best of both worlds. This flexible oven allows you to use steam during the baking process in place of boiling. 

By using the steam feature in your new Blodgett Combi oven, you save yourself a step, and you don't need an employee standing by to flip a bagel in boiling water every 30 seconds to a minute. On National Bagel Day, Philly residents will show up to celebrate this holiday, and you'll need plenty of fresh bagels on hand. 

These convection ovens bake evenly and quickly, so your team spends less time waiting to fill orders or stock your pastry case. You can easily find an oven that fits the available space in your kitchen or the same size as a unit that you want to replace. 

Creating Your Own Spin on a Classic

With a Marsal pizza oven, you can place your own flair on the classic bagel for National Bagel Day. A pizza oven cooks at higher temperatures while creating crisp crusts. Using a pizza oven to bake up a batch of bagels creates a newly baked consistency for your customers to go crazy for. 

A pizza oven is designed to bake pizzas up to 18-inches, so there's plenty of space to bake multiple bagels at once. When you choose a Marsal pizza oven with two ovens in one unit, you can produce twice the number of bagels in the same amount of time, and with the rush on National Bagel Day, you're going to need all the bagels you can produce. 

See how we did it:

Want to see how we celebrated National Bagel Day in our One Source Live test kitchen? Check out how Chef Chris made us all some delicious bagels in this video.

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You want your Philly business to be ready to celebrate National Bagel Day on January 15th. New equipment can make the mixing and baking side easier than ever. You can enjoy the festivities without all the stress. Contact us today for more information. 

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